mystery box

138 Left

138 left

Whats in the box?
Gift Card?
head phones?
Lottery Ticket?
Bottled Water?
Candy Bar?
Concert Tickets?
sun glasses?
useless items?
toilet paper?
We've packed 150 boxes with random objects. Some of the objects could be worth big bucks, some might be worth-less, but ONE of the boxes has between $500 - $1000 cash inside.
one has a map to a buried treasure.
The likelihood of finding a box with something valuable is 4 in 10.
The chance of finding hundreds of dollars in CASH, or The chance at the map to buried treasure: 3 in 150
Pretty good chances. 
Once you get a box, how do you open it?
You'll need a combination, or a key.
Where is it? 
Somewhere in
northern Michigan
That's for you to find out.
Think you're lucky?
Buy a box.


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