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mystery box

52 Left

52 Left

Whats in the box?
Gift Card?
head phones?
Lottery Ticket?
Bottled Water?
Candy Bar?
Concert Tickets?
sun glasses?
An Iphone?
A razor?
We've packed 100 boxes with random objects. Some of the objects could be worth big bucks, some might be worth-less, but ONE of the boxes has between $500 - $1000 cash inside.
The likelihood of finding a box with something valuable is 5 in 10. The chance of finding hundreds of dollars in CASH, 1 in 100.
Pretty good chances. 
Once you get a box, how do you open it?
You'll need a combination, or a key.
Where is it? 
That's for you to find out.
Think you're lucky?
Buy a box.