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Frequently asked questions

What is a Geoventure?

A Geoventure is and adventure you take outside traveling throughout a city, solving clues and pinpointing hidden locations within the city. Each location is marked with a code, the code is proof you solved a clue and found the correct location. Each clue is a written riddle you must solve. Some locations require a puzzle to be solved before moving onto the next location. If you solve all 5 clues, it will lead to a REAL hidden treasure chest. When you find the chest, you get a chance at spinning the "wheel of chance" for a chance at an awesome prize!

Where is BOTG Geoventures Alpena located?

Do to the current crisis, and to keep our customers safe; We currently aren't operating out of our store front, BUT we will be in the near future.

How many people are required for a Geoventure?

There is no set number of people required to go on a Geoventure. You can go alone, with a spouse, your family, or in a large group. You can even battle another group of your choice, first to the treasure chest wins!

Is there a time limit on hunts?

We typically allow 3 hours to solve a Geoventure. Although this may change dependent on how difficult or easy the Geoventure prove to be.

How much does it cost?

Geoventures are made to be reasonably priced, because unlike escape rooms, we can have mulitple geoventures going on at one time. The price per person is $15 The price for a group rate (4 people) is $50 for the group and only $8.50 a person thereafter.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes. Just give us a call at (989)-916-9461 and we will get you out searching for one of our elusive treasure chests in no time!

How exactly does a Geoventure work?

The process of a Geoventure is easy. - You'll meet our Geoventure Master at a TBD location as a group, or individually. - You'll pay for the Geoventure. - You'll fill out a form with your individual name or team name and one phone number. - You'll be randomly selected 5 clues. - You'll leave the location with the first clue. - Everytime you solve a clue, you will text us the correct code via your cell phone. - The next clues will be sent to you via text. - When you find the Treasure Chest, you WIN!



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