The real treasure is in the joy of pursuit.



Our hunt began in 2016.

We were searching for the Forrest Fenn Treasure... The only thing standing between us and a $2MIL dollar treasure was a a cryptic

24-line poem containing 9 clues, that if followed precisely, would lead you right to the gold...The search was on.

We searched high and low, seen beautiful sights, and took in all the beauty of the land. End result: We were successful beyond our wildest dreams. Not in that we found the treasure, because we didn't, but in the unintended joy and wonder found exploring these vast lands with friends and family. Creating memories we would never forget.


We found so much joy in the search it sparked something in us. We decided to create awesome treasure hunts, which we fittingly call Geoventures, for everyone to enjoy. We created over 100 clues that pinpoint locations all around cities throughout Michigan,  that lead to real Treasure Chests, sometimes worth CASH prizes. 


Adventure awaits. So Gear up, go find a solve, and most importantly, put your BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Enjoy

Wild Path


Follow all of our great BOTGeoventures and solves on our FaceBook. We update it with extra clues, winners, and anything pertinent to treasure hunting. We soon hope to be considered one of the best places to find news and stories on everything "treasure". So join in on the fun, and take a look at this vast new world of Treasure Hunting and Geoventures.

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